Valentina Ferrandes

Videomaker & Media Artist


SD Video + 3’3’’ + ITALY/UK + 2008

In one of his posts on Youtube, Suttsteve talks about the enhanced benefits of being part of a large virtual community.

His monologue has been screened in a deserted town square of South Italy a few minutes before the church bells rang the afternoon service.

The short speech has been appropriated and treated before the public screening. A subtle change in lighting and the complete dissociation between the individual depicted and the location, lead the viewer to questioning the relation between architectural setup and personal identity.



2008 + CologneOFF at The Salon de Arte Digital at Museum of Contemporary Art Zulia (MACZUL) Maracaibo + VENEZUELA
2008 + + Curated by Francesca di Nardo + ITALY
2008 + Subversive Correspondences #1, Broadwalk Arts, BristolĀ + UK
2008 + No Passport Necessary + The Roundhouse + LondonĀ + UK

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