Valentina Ferrandes

Videomaker & Media Artist


Lambda Print 2010

70x100 . 50x50 cm

Four hostesses are photographed, their image is mirrored and multiplied. Installed as a group of contiguous portraits, orderly arranged, “9 Hostesses” sits aside the large print “X guards”, a group portrait of policemen standing in front of a large present-shaped soft structure. 

While the uniforms and positions of the subjects portrayed suggest their status and role in a structured society, their time-space collocation is negated by their stillness and lack of background information.  As they are in stand-by, in a semi staged situation, these individuals appear to be stuck in the hybrid space of social redundancy.

The photos were taken during the 80th birthday celebration of China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. 

Finalist at Salon Photo Prize in 2011 
Shortlisted for Celeste Art Prize in 2011

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