Valentina Ferrandes

November 2013


Opening at Fondazione Francesco Fabbri on 30th November 2013
Villa Brandolini in Pieve di Soligo

October 2013


The exhibition of the finalist works will be held in Rome in december 2013.

October 2013

BERG exhibiting at THE HORSE HOSPITAL in London

THE QUIET NORTH*: Video Art from PAPAY GYRO NIGHTS** Art Festival in Papa Westray, Orkney

Anders Weberg (SE),Bjarni Gunnarsson & Cédric Dupire (FR),Juha van Ingen (FI),Linda Quinlan (IE),Natalie Price-Hafslund (NO),Rikke Benborg (DK), Silje Linge Haaland (NO),Valentina Ferrandes (GE)
Selection of works by the legendary pioneers of video art and founders of New York’s KITCHEN curated by Kirstin Sheving, co-curator Sigrún Harðardóttir . 700IS HREINDYRALAND (IS)
Construction in Zhuangzi is a “live audiovisualisation” of a modified Lorenz dynamical system, well-known for the “butterfly effect”.


September 2013

BERG shortlisted for CELESTE PRIZE

40 finalist works which will be exhibited at the final exhibition in Rome, Italy, at Fienaroli 28, new contemporary art space (ex-Biblis), via dei Fienaroli 28, from 7 to 15 December 2013.

September 2013



Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery
27 september 2013 — 20 october 2013
20 Regions for 1 Italy, 20 Artists for 1 Exhibition
Organizer: IGAV (Istituto Garuzzo per le Arti Visive), Italian Institute of Culture in Moscow
Curated by prof. Martina Corgnati, Storia dell'Arte Contemporanea Accademia Albertina – Torino

August 2013


featured on Sugarhigh, the bilingual daily email publication featuring the latest in contemporary culture in Berlin.

July 2013

BERG is now a Soundscape for iPhone and iPad

"Berg is a site specific sound art project by the artist Valentina Ferrandes and a GPS-triggered soundscape for iPhone designed for Teufelsberg in Berlin. The APP(lication) contains an archive of audio tracks and soundscapes. As the user moves through Grunewald forest, the iPhone's GPS activates a series of overlapping tracks, radio broadcasts, spoken word and other auditive materials, inspired by Cold War Espionage, Short Wave Frequencies and Classic Cinema. Through the localization of an audio path, the artist plunges the user into an evocative and estranging experience of the urban space."

The app is free and it can be downloaded clicking on the icons below
Berg - Valentina Ferrandes

Berg - Valentina Ferrandes

September 2013


showing at 5th Moskow Biennale of Contemporary Art

as part of the exhibitions "20x1"

organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in Moskow and IGAV. Curated by Martina Corgnati.

February 2013


showing at ZOOM International Film Festival - PL

"Zoom" is an international festival dedicated to independent feature films, shorts and video art.

February 2013


showing at CINESONIKA - IR

This annual festival showcases international works of film and video with fascinating soundtracks, idiosyncratic sound design, eclectic scoring and innovative approaches to the sound-image relationship. This year, these works will be screened in a one weekend festival at the School of Creative Arts, University of Ulster, Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland, in February 2013.

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January 2013



My portfolio will be available for consultation as part of INDEX. Coordinated by Lucia Ghidoni, in house curator of Southeritage Foundation, the project seeks to build an online platform for sharing information on the production of contemporary art in Basilicata, Italy.

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November 2012


selected to take part in RENCONTRES INTERNATIONALES - FR

From November 30 up to December 8, 2012 the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid will create a space of discovery and reflection between new cinema and contemporary art in Paris, at Palais de Tokyo and Gaité Lyrique. PALAIS DE TOKYO Paris.

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December 2012


Together with mumok kino, fullframe is showing contemporary experimental and avant-garde films in a c. 60-minute program. The program comprises film and video works that would normally be screened in exhibitions. This combination of films allows not only a concentrated view of individual works, but also reveals significant interconnections within the program as a whole.

Curated by Thomas Glänzel, Barnabas Huber and Wiktoria Pelzer. MUMOK KINO


October 2012

ACHT STUNDEN sind kein Tag

- DE
Release of the iOS App for Iphone.

Acht Stunden is a site specific sound art project by the artist Valentina Ferrandes and a GPS-driven sound map for iPhone designed for the town of Wuppertal, Germany. The APP(lication) contains an archive of various open-source audio samples. As the user moves through Wuppertal and depending on its current location, the iPhone's GPS activates a series of overlapping field recordings, radio broadcasts, spoken word and other auditive materials, loosely related to the local environment's history.

Through the localization of an audio path, the artist plunges the user into an evocative and estranging experience of the urban space.

Acht Stunden has been developed in collaboration with the Media Designer Rainer Kohlberger and the programmer Mark Haack of Werk55, both based in Berlin.

Supported by Wuppertal Kulturfonds. TO DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION FROM iTUNES click HERE

September 2012


Hebebühne e.V. Wuppertal - DE

Nusara Mai-ngarm (BKK/LON/DE) Valentina Ferrandes (LON/IT) Henrietta Hall (UK)

Presentation of Acht Studen, a Soundscape for Wuppertal.

To listen to Acht Studen click HERE

Am 8.+ 9.9.2012

wird in der Hebebühne eine Stadtkarte von Wuppertal die Arbeiten der Videokünstlerinnen Valentina Ferrandes (Italien/London), Henrietta Hall(UK)und der Performancekünstlerin Nusara Mai-ngarm(BKK/London/Wuppertal) kennzeichnen. Die drei ehemaligen Studenten der Chelsea Kunstakademie treffen sich zum dritten Mal in Wuppertal um ihre Videokunst, Performance und audio-orts-spezifischen Werke zu präsentieren. Nach ihrer gemeinsamen Arbeit im Bunker Döppersberg 2011 und dem FU-Festival in der Galerie Olga 2009, haben sich die drei Künstlerinnen entschieden, erneut ihre Spuren in Wuppertal zu hinerlassen. Diesmal werden sie ihre Arbeiten nicht importieren, sondern vor Ort in Wuppertal entstehen lassen. In Steps/Schritte erforschen die drei Künstlerinnen "double takes" als grundlegendes Element ihrer Arbeit und verbinden es mit historischen und kulturellen Aspekten der Stadt Wuppertal, um so den Blick des Betrachters durch erneutes hinsehen ("double take") auf zunächst mondän erscheinendes herauszufordern. Dieses Projekt zielt darauf ab standortspezifische Arbeiten zu entwickeln.

June 2012


Martina Corgnati and IGAV have selected a one-minute extract of The Oyster Effect, amongst the five works to represent italian video art during the 18th Shanghai TV Festival. The videos will be screened on the national tv channel for the whole lenght of the festival. WEBSITE

June 2012
Interview for TEMA Magazine - IT Curated by Sibilla Zandonini Available HERE

14 - 16 June 2012

SHEFFIELD FRINGE Curated by Minou Norouzi- GB S1 Artspace and THE VOID CINEMA at Sheffield Allam University Sheffield UK Filmmaking at the intersection of art and documentary practice is fertile ground on which to examine direct critical engagements with philosophy and theory. No longer relegated to the margins of experimental film as genre, these debates have entered the 'mainstream.' Sheffield Fringe is both a platform to explore the critical possibilities of film as well as an attempt to expand on current debate.Website

25 March - 20 May 2012

VENTI PER UNA Istituto Garuzzo per le Arti Visive Castiglia di Saluzzo - IT

Sabato 10 – Domenica 11 Marzo 2012

“L’indagine della videoarte del/ e sul mondo femminile”
Villa Pomini Via Don Luigi Testori 14 Castellanza, Varese - IT
H 16 – 19
Screening di videoarte a cura di VISUALCONTAINER
Con il Patrocinio della Città di Castellanza
In concomitanza con le attuali celebrazioni , VisualContainer intende a sua volta dare i volti, le voci e le situazioni che nell’ottica dell’arte contemporanea caratterizzano la donna del Terzo Millennio. Dall’archivio di VisualContainer, una serie di video realizzati da donne artiste o comunque aventi per protagonista il mondo femminile spesso escluso dalla società o recluso ai margini dell’arte: qui la videocamera diviene veramente “femmina” e si fa scelta privilegiata per indagare la donna nella sua veste esteriore e nel suo contenuto più intimo, in solitudine o nei rapporti sempre problematici con la contraparte maschile e la società. I lavori degli artisti in mostra trasportano sullo schermo di proiezione il vasto palcoscenico dell’umanità al femminile che ci circonda, indagando in maniera inusuale ma convinta e convincente le numerose tematiche che la riguardano e coinvolgono tutti nella ricerca di un equilibrio biologico e sociale sempre al di là delle visioni proposte. Artisti in Mostra: Alessandra Arnò, Mauro Romito, Elena Arzuffi, Barbara Brugola, Maria Korporal, Valentina Ferrandes, Albert Merino, Rita Casdia, Mauro Folci, Slawomir Milewski, Anita Calà Testarossa, Alessia Zuccarello, Natalia Saurin Visualcontainer Italian Videoart Platform.

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March 2012
[.BOX] Videoart project Space, Milano - IT

FLASHFORWARD dal 7 al 29 Marzo 2012 Vernissage 7/8 marzo - H. 18.30 - 21.00 FLASHFORWARD è il progetto di [.BOX] che presenta in anteprima la produzione di opere video degli artisti di VisualContainer e introduce le new entries che verranno promosse e distribuite dall’Associazione in ambito nazionale ed internazionale. Artisti:Alessandra Arnò, Barbara Brugola, Daniela Di Maro, Valentina Ferrandes, Maria Korporal, Valentina Miorandi, Sabrina Muzi, Antonella Spatti.

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